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Play BBC Four Live (UK Only)

BBC Four Live (UK Only)

BBC Four Live television (UK Only). Watch this national TV station, live. You can watch many TV programs here on demand. Watch BBC4 live, livestream UK. BBC4 is a channel which provides viewers with shows belonging to a variety of genres in the aim of providing them with selection of culturally and intellectually enriching programmes.

About BBC 4

BBC4 was launched on the 2nd of March 2002 as part of a rebranding process of the BBC. The aim of the corporation was to create a channel whose primary focus would be domestic and international culture. Presently, the channel provides historical, cultural and scientific documentaries as well as vintage movies.
In addition to these, BBC4 also airs foreign language films as well as BBC programmes which have been archived, further enhancing the viewing experience of its audience.

Programs of BBC4

Miniscule: The Private Life of Insects:  An engaging French award winning series which provides viewers with a closer glimpse of the lives of small insects.
Modern Classical Music: A documentary featuring the most influential composers of the 20th century and the legacy they have left to the genre of classical music. 
The Pre-Raphaelites:  This documentary series focuses on the Pre-Raphaelite art movement, examining their considerable influence on landscape painting.
Other Programmes: Metamorphosis: The Science of Change, Parks and Recreation, The Aviator, Nurse Jackie, World News, Weather, Time Shift, For Art's Sake, Marguerite and Armand, Dance!, In the Spirit of Diaghilev and many more.
Online Availability
UK Only. As is the case with all BBC channels, a number of programmes broadcast by BBC4 can be viewed on BBC iplayer the BBC’s online television and radio service, often within 7 days of being shown. 
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